Constitution of Lion Tracks Ministries

Incorporated, in December 1991, as a Non-Profit Organization under the laws of the Province of New Brunswick. Granted status as a Canadian registered charitable organization, January 1, 1992.

Dated: 01/22/91, 10/03/91 (Rev), 01/23/92 (Rev), 01/09/93 (Rev), 11/23/96 (Rev).

Founder: Brent J. MacDonald


(1) To educate Christians concerning the New Age Movement, Satanism, Witchcraft, Secular Humanism and Other Satanic Deceptions.

(2) To proclaim the Gospel through live services including, but not limited to, multimedia presentations.

(3) To uphold the Holy Bible as God's inspired Word and as the complete and final authority on all matters of life and faith.

(4) To provide any needed support, to individuals and churches, in equipping the saints for Spiritual Warfare; through materials, evangelism, teaching, and prayer.

(5) To provide, or recommend, counseling to individuals involved in the aforementioned activities.


(1) The President must be actively involved in the operations of the Ministry; participating in the provision of the services outlined in the section "Purpose."

(2) The President shall be accountable to the Board of Directors.

(3) The President may be elected to, or removed from office, by a minimum vote of two third's majority of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors:

(1) The purpose of the Board of Directors is to oversee the work and finances of the complete ministry.

(2) This board should endeavor to maintain a minimum of six persons, with a maximum of twelve.

(3) Each board member must be a dedicated Christian, committed to supporting the task outlined in the section "Purpose."

(4) Each Director shall be a participating member of an evangelical church, baptized, and endeavoring to live a Spirit filled life.

(5) The President is a participating member of the Board, but shall not be eligible for the position of Chairman of the Board.

(6) The initial Board shall be appointed by the Founder.

(7) A director may be removed from office by a minimum vote of two third's majority of the Board of Directors.

(8) Each additional, or replacement, board member may be nominated by any current Director. The nominee shall be elected by a minimum vote of two third's majority.

(9) There will be a minimum of two Board meetings per year.

(10) A minimum of eighty percent of the Board must be present for the election or removal of Board Members or Officers.

(11) Elected Board Positions (Officers) are for a two year period:

(a) Chairman - Chair all meetings; holding the dual position of Vice-President.

(b) Secretary - Maintain minutes of all meetings.

(c) Treasurer - Actively oversee finances.

(12) Presence at Board meetings may be in person or by means of electronic communications.


(1) All services provided shall be without fixed charge; believing that God, through His people, will provide for His work.

(a) Set Fees and/or commissions will be charged to other ministries using Lion Track's resources.

(2) To ensure accountability, all financial information will be disclosed upon request.

(3) The Board of Directors shall be responsible for establishing and implementing a policy governing expenditures. Two primary classifications:

(a) Expenditures for goods and materials necessary for the development, promotion, or delivery of services.

(b) Expenditures for services rendered to the Ministry; by salary or specific.

(4) It is understood that all proceeds are for the sole purpose of furthering the objectives of this Ministry; with no possibility of gain or profit for the members.

Code of Conduct:

The Board of Directors shall establish a set of conduct guidelines. The purpose of these guidelines is to protect all executive and staff against allegations of improper behavior; knowing that Satan will use any means to hinder this Ministry.


A new, or revised, constitution may be established by the unanimous consent of the complete Board of Directors. The only limitation placed upon subsequent Boards is, that the constitution and purpose must continue to convey and include, the intent and spirit of the original constitution and of the founder.


This constitution, and/or revision, has been enacted by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors on the 23rd of November, 1996. In testimony of the enactment of this constitution the following executive have hereby placed their signatures.

Brent J. MacDonald, President

Dwain Thorne, Vice President

Shelley Lipscombe, Secretary



All Addendum are NOT part of the Constitution, but are integral descriptions in support of the Constitution. These descriptions are not to take precedence over, or in any way to supersede, the intent and instruction of the Constitution.

Code of Conduct (Defined 1992)

All staff shall adhere to the Biblical guidelines that pertain to ministers, elders and/or deacons of the church. Although all conduct becoming a Christian, as defined by the entire Bible, is in view; special note shall be taken of 1 Timothy chapter 3 and Titus chapter 1 verses 5 to 9. As a minister of the gospel, failure to uphold these standards shall result in disciplinary action by the Board of Directors, in accordance to the Bible. Notwithstanding, gross moral failure shall result in the dismissal, or removal, of the staff or Board Member.

Statement of Activities (In support of Purpose)

As defined to Revenue Canada Charities Division. (1992)

"Topic" Definitions are summary clarification as subsequently requested.

(1) Ongoing research, preparation, and development of multimedia seminars on topics that are negatively influencing the Christian Church and society in general.

Topic "Research" - Research shall consist of monitoring television shows, videos, cassettes, CD's, movies, magazines, newspapers, organizational literature & newsletters, books, pamphlets, posters, bulletins and other distributed materials. Other information may be gathered by attendance at various functions, meetings or other events sponsored by organizations being investigated. Where possible, video or audio footage of these events will be recorded for use in live presentations.

Topic "Preparation" - The compiling of any gathered information, or subsets, along with the necessary Biblical passages, principles, or significance, for the purpose of distribution or presentation. Distribution may take various forms including, but not limited to, printed, video, and/or audio formats. Preparation may include the data entry of relevant materials into a computerized database or graphics system.

Topic "Development of Multimedia seminars" - Reworking compiled information into a usable script for live presentation. This includes the gathering or production of relevant video footage to compliment the spoken material. All necessary text overlays (ie. quotations, Bible passages, titling, etc.) are created on the computerized editing system. A multimedia presentation always includes a live narrator utilizing any combination of simultaneous or complimentary video projection (large screen, usually 9 ft x 12 ft) and/or audio tracks.

Topic "Topics negatively influencing the Christian Church or society in general." - As defined by our constitution, topics relating to the New Age Movement, Satanism, Witchcraft, Secular Humanism, and topics prominent in the media, or our society, which obviously appear as being anti-Christian or anti-Biblical take precedence. An example of the later, is our ongoing research into the Rock (and related) Music Industry and their promotion of values including, outright Satanism, anti-Christian themes, rebellion, sexual perversion, suicide and more.

(2) Providing daily prayer for churches and others involved in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Topic "Daily Prayer" - All staff and board members are committed to praying regularly for this ministry, Christian churches & organizations, along with individuals involved in proclaiming the Gospel. Further, a growing number of individuals (spread out over this region) have committed, in writing, to praying regularly also. To advise the extended prayer partners of places and individuals to pray for, we circulate a news/prayer letter on a regular basis.

(3) Presenting Christian education seminars as special meetings, or Sunday school classes, utilizing the multimedia presentations we acquire or develop. This service is carried out primarily within evangelical churches.

Topic "Presenting Christian Education or Sunday School Seminars" - A Christian education seminar is a meeting, or series of meetings, for the purpose of educating primarily Christians, although non-Christians are welcome to attend. Sunday School classes are the same, except they are restricted to Sunday. The primary emphasis of these seminars is to make Christians aware of what is going on and how it is affecting them, their families, and our society as a whole; while encouraging them to be actively involved in warning others and presenting the Gospel to those around them.

Topic "Evangelical Churches" - Evangelical churches are Christian church denominations that adhere to Biblical beliefs and are actively involved in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Generally, their statement of faith would be identical, in substance, to ours).

(4) Providing Evangelistic services and/or mini crusades utilizing the multimedia presentations we acquire or develop. These services are presented at church locations (all Christian denominations), on campuses and in schools (secular and Bible), prisons, and in conjunction with other non profit organizations. All services are available 7 days a week.

Topic "Evangelistic Services or Mini-Crusades" - Are services where the primary goal is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those that are not saved. Usually these services are advertised or promoted throughout the community to reach those that do not normally attend a Christian church. In a number of cases, where possible, these services or presentations are done in neutral locations; such as school or other gymnasiums, community halls, prisons, and missions. Mini-Crusades are another name for the same thing, although this term usually applies only when extending beyond one day. Presentations generally require (and to date have utilized) two or more individuals including the speaker (narrator) and equipment operator.

(5) Actively investigating organizations, curriculum, programs, and media for the purpose of advising the Church as to their motives, content and goals. This involves attending meetings, private consultation, and media / publication acquisition and monitoring.

Topic "Who is involved in investigating?" - Much of the active investigation is performed by the full time staff, although many board members, pastors, and volunteers regularly contribute materials for review. All submitted material is reviewed, classified and qualified by the full time staff, often in consultation with members of the Board of Directors. Those involved in gathering information come from diverse educational and occupational backgrounds, with the only common denominator being a concern about the decline or outright attack on Christian values and morality; and it's affects on our society. The Board of Directors has the final say on all materials and topics. As the material comes from diverse sources, only that which can be well substantiated is circulated. Audio & video cassettes, and other documentation is filed or libraried for future reference, referral, or to substantiate any presented material. All materials are available for inspection by appointment.

(6) Developing and acquiring printed and video materials to provide to churches and individuals for education concerning anti-Biblical deceptions.

Topic "Developing and acquiring printed and video materials" - Most of the materials we provide to churches, and/or concerned individuals, are printed handouts (written by staff) for the purpose of providing additional or supplementary information to our live presentations or Christian education seminars. We may develop pre-narrated video cassettes as another means of providing supplementary information. Occasionally another Christians ministry has produced applicable video, or printed materials, which we may also make available. Articles of relevance, written by staff or board members, are printed in our regular newsletter.

(7) Providing on-demand research and information for churches, pastors and individuals; regarding topics and items of Christian concern.

Topic "On Demand Research and Information" - Primarily requests come from churches, or concerned individuals within churches, to check into a particular organization, event, publication, etc. Presently all requests that pertain to the topics outlined in the Constitution (Purpose, Item 1) are followed up. In many (most) cases we already have information on hand which we then make available. As Item 5, under Purpose in our Constitution provides for, we are also available to provide information and/or Christian counseling to non-church or non-Christian individuals that would seek our help; particularly concerning the listed activities.

Topic "Topics and Items of Concern" - As stated earlier, topics that are specifically defined within our constitution take precedence. Based upon availability of time and resources, other requests that are not as clearly within our mandate, are examined if it is felt warranted by the staff; with the final decision and appeal being the full Board of Directors.

Re: Board Members (Clarified 1996)

By Board of Directors Vote November 23/96

Board members may be residents of either Canada or the United States of America.