Christian Research

Lion Tracks Ministries provides Christian research and information services for pastors, churches and other individuals involved in Christian ministry. We maintain extensive and continuing files on all topics covered in our multimedia presentations plus many related subjects. Our library of resource materials (Christian, secular, cults, etc.) embraces numerous formats including; printed media excerpts, video footage, CD's, albums, audio cassettes, various magazines, publications, and books. To qualified persons, some materials (including books) are available on loan. For more information on what is currently available on your topic of interest, or for specific requests, please write, phone, or e-mail, Brent MacDonald.

Dependent upon time and resources, Lion Tracks Ministries will also investigate specifically requested concerns. In addition, each year, Brent & Angie host a number of group surveys examining beliefs and trends. Excerpts from our research material and statistics are often published in our newsletter.