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We endeavor to post answers to all general interest questions received on our site. Questions of a personal nature will receive a personal reply.

If you feel a posted answer is insufficient or incomplete, or if you have Bible supported grounds to question any answer given, please feel free to submit an alternate response.

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Use of any web site does not necessarily express support for that organization, or agreement with all data at that location, merely that a suitable answer is available for the specific question. Due to the rapidly changing nature of the web, links may cease to operate or subsequently connect to materials other than those originally referenced. Please notify us of any problems. Unless otherwise noted, all articles are by Brent MacDonald.

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    Lion Tracks Ministries, Moncton, NB, Canada.

– A courtesy email is appreciated. We like to know how our materials are being used.

If you translate one of our articles into another language, please send us an electronic copy. We would like to post any language translations to our web site.