Finances and Expenses

Brent & Angie MacDonald, Josh and Melanie Duncan and Lion Tracks Ministries, are completely dependent upon gifts, honorariums, and missions support from like-minded supporters. (Philippians 4:17)

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In keeping with our desire to not place fixed charges on ministry services, we have established the following four guidelines... (Special video creation projects have slightly different guidelines.)

#1 -- Accommodations must be provided.

Billeting in people's homes is acceptable provided a reasonable level of privacy is available. Our ministry teams would like to know in advance what type of accommodations to expect so we may pack accordingly. Any expenses related to accommodations, both on site and on route, to and from your location are expected to be reimbursed or provided directly. Travel estimates and receipts are available upon request. Typical motel accommodations cost $70-$95 dependent upon location. Trips over 600 kilometers (360 miles) usually require travel accommodations at least one way. Trips over 120 kilometers (70 miles), for evening presentations, usually require on site accommodations.

#2 --Meals must be provided.

Meals may be provided in people's homes. Any meal immediately prior to speaking should be light, or perhaps following the service. Depending on the start time for an evening seminar, Brent often prefers to not eat a meal, making the meal at noon more important. For health reasons it is preferable to not drink local water while traveling; bottled water is preferred. Neither Brent or Angie drink tea or coffee. Any meals not provided directly, both on site and on route to and from your location, must be reimbursed. Specific travel estimates and receipts are available upon request. For general estimates, consider $30-$40 for supper, $25-$30 for lunch, and $15 breakfast. Assume one meal per 300 kilometers (200 miles) of travel. Meal estimates may be reduced if only one person is traveling, instead of the usual two.

#3 -- Travel mileage / Air fare

Any air fare, including surcharges (mileage, baggage, etc) must be covered. Once at the location, transportation may be made available in whatever manner you desire. If a rental vehicle is to be used, all expenses are to be covered. If transportation is being made via individuals driving, please be aware that we usually want to be at the seminar location a couple hours in advance each day.

If we are driving, using our own vehicle: mileage is customary to cover vehicle travel expenses. Standard reimbursement for this is 49 cents per kilometer (CAN) and 50.5 cents per mile (US). Please remember that we travel to, from, and at your location. We provide distance estimates upon request. NOTE: Should we plan an extended road trip, or back-to-back bookings in relative proximity to your area, we will advise you concerning adjusted or shared travel costs.

#4 -- A love offering or honorarium beyond expenses.

Brent, Angie & family, or Josh and Melanie Duncan, (as well as Lion Tracks' overall ministry) are dependent upon gifts beyond direct expenses. If a love offering is utilized... because it is an expression of generosity and support by the host church & people in attendance - we ask that the host properly inform people of the need and purpose - not the presenting evangelist.

There are situations where a love offering is inappropriate, an embarrassment to the presenter and host alike -- and possibly a hindrance to the message. Two examples: (1) Where the presentation is (primarily) a youth activity, or (2) a setting that draws primarily unsaved (non-church goers). Churches should not expect those without means (i.e. teenagers), or those without cause (i.e. unsaved) to support Christian ministry.

Whether love offering or honorarium, we ask the host church or organization to consider the sufficiency of any gift in light of the ministries' needs. We ask that we would be advised during confirmation whether an honorarium, or love offering, will be utilized -- and if our envelopes will be required. When Lion Tracks Ministries envelopes are used, receipts are issued by Lion Tracks and not the host. The treasurer of Lion Tracks Ministries will provide a totals summary to the host if requested. Federal charities guidelines require a Lion Tracks representative to be present when our receipt requesting envelopes are opened. Regardless, if a cheque/check is made payable to Lion Tracks Ministries it will be receipted by Lion Tracks.

To assist in our bookkeeping: All travel/expense reimbursements must be paid by a separate cheque from the Love Offering or Honorarium. All cheques (checks) should be made payable to Lion Tracks Ministries.