What are Multimedia Presentations?

Perhaps better said... Why multimedia?

Multimedia is a broad term that encompasses using varied means to stimulate the visual and audio senses, assisting in dissemination and long-term recall of information. While visually projected images and accompanying sounds are a primary means, Lion Tracks utilize additional and varied visual aids and technology including hands-on exhibits and an electronic quiz machine.

Lion Tracks Ministries custom produce and maintain visual presentations on varied topics of Christian concern. Using projection and audio equipment, the audience is able to examine the subject first hand including quotations, interviews, media excerpts, scripture passages and more. With evangelists Brent MacDonald or Joshua Duncan providing simultaneous in-person narration, each presentation may be likened to an illustrated message; adaptable to the setting and audience. All multimedia events and seminars deliver a clear presentation of the gospel message. Each evangelism team is available following presentations to address related concerns and questions from a biblical perspective.

Numerous studies have shown significant increase in people's ability to recall and retain messages which utilize both visuals and audio. Additionally, greater volumes of information are able to be disbursed due to the faster paced medium and increased attention span of the audience.

Lion Tracks Ministries utilizes equipment (for sound and visuals) which will support a wide variety of auditoriums. We provide a standard large-screen size of 9' x 12' (Josh & Melanie) or 10' x 14 (Brent & Angie) unless otherwise arranged. (Our projection equipment supports screens up to 30 feet wide). We require a description of your venue's layout in advance — especially ceiling height . One limiting factor regarding any location is the requirement of darkness to allow for LCD projection. We must be advised, in advance, of anything that would hinder having the auditorium completely darkened. Vertical blinds are insufficient to accomplish total darkness without additional coverage (ie. dark plastic) behind them.