Presentation Preparation and Setup

Prayer and Promotion

John Wesley said, "God does everything through prayer and nothing without it!". Jesus said, "Ask, and it shall be given you... (Luke 11:9)" The most effective preparation for ministry is many people praying. Please encourage people to pray and possibly set aside special times for prayer regarding our ministry time with you. It is desirable for the service or seminars hosts (ie. pastors, etc.) to be available for prayer at least one half hour prior to start time.

People do not know to come, and will not come, without adequate promotion...

Determine who your target audience is for the event or seminar. Regardless of being an outreach event or an in-house education opportunity, your own people should be aware of the presentation well in advance. The most effective outreach is personal contact and invitation. Many of our services are also a great opportunity to reach the lost, beyond feeding the sheep. Again, if this is the desired goal, personal contact and invitation from your own well-informed people is the best promotion. Enthusiasm is contagious. If your people are enthusiastic, others will become so!

Posters, bulletin inserts and hand-outs, newspaper announcements, banners, etc., are available on request (some items may have specific costs associated with their development or printing). Please advise us of how we may assist you. Some press release information and graphics are here.

General Preparation

Presentations marked as requiring parental discretion, or as unsuitable for children, require child care -- preferably some type of children's program. (We will provide additional suggestions and materials for this upon request). A nursery is always recommended for preschool children and infants.

If you are utilizing a love offering please remember to let your people know in advance so they may be prepared to give (2 Corinthians 9:5).

Setup Requirements...

LCD projection requires complete darkness. Windows (including skylights) must be completely covered -- vertical blinds and light curtains are usually not suitable unless covering is placed behind them. The auditorium should be darkened prior to our arrival so as to facilitate projector adjustment etc. The auditorium must have a grounded (three-prong) electrical outlet readily available. Unless your location is equipped with a projection area we may require two tables (one to go on top of the other) to provide suitable head clearance for projection. Any obstacles potentially blocking the screen setup area, or viewing path, must be removed in advance (ie. chairs, pulpit, microphones, and light fixtures). We appreciate at least one person to assist in unloading (and loading) our vehicle plus a few additional aspects of setup and takedown. Our setup typically requires two hours -- access to the premises must be available at least that far in advance. During extremely cold weather an additional two hours is preferred enabling the equipment to adjust to room temperature.