Creation of promotional and other short videos, for churches and ministries, is available on the following basis...

  • As our primary mandate is teaching ministry, video projects will only be completed (scripted, filmed, edited, etc.) during time periods not booked for instructional ministry. Camp ministry is the only partial exception as teaching ministry and video creation may be combined in the same time period. For more information on camp possibilities, see our section on Camp Ministry.

  • All direct costs must be reimbursed (or provided) including; (1) meals for the family, (2) all travel mileage , and (3) all accommodations -- all of these must take into account all days utilized, including filming and editing. Please note that accommodations and meals may be provided in whatever manner you wish. Additionally, (4) all material costs must be covered including tapes, batteries, etc.; a complete list will be provided upon request. (5) If required, any costs incurred in procuring, or renting, specialty equipment must be reimbursed. You are responsible for repairs to equipment damaged while on your site, unless incurred through normal usage by Lion Tracks staff.

  • A gift must be given, in excess of all direct costs and expenses (i.e. all of the above), by which Brent, Angie and family or Josh and Melanie Duncan live, and Lion Tracks Ministries function. Even if missions funding was available, which it is not, it would not be fair -- or expedient -- to ask that our missions funding for evangelism be used to fund video projects for other ministries. Any fund raising should be your responsibility. Lion Tracks' board of directors has allowed Brent & Angie and Josh & Melanie to work on these projects on the basis that gifts must be, at least, sufficient to cover all living and operating expenses for the time consumed. These special projects also help to provide for systems and equipment upgrades and purchases. Commercial promotional videos, of a 4 to 7 minutes length, often cost in excess of $6000-$10000. Knowing that Christian ministries, for the most part, cannot justify this type of expense, we have provided this number for reference only. Two other numbers which are often requested in helping to formulate a gift amount are; (1) our average gift for a 5 to 10 minute video project is $1500, and (2) the ministry budget requires approximately $1200 per week to function. Our board requests that we be advised in advance of the gift amount. Final decision on our involvement in any project rests with our Board of Directors.

  • You are responsible for securing permission to use any special video footage, images, trademarks, or audio utilized in the construction of your project.

  • Editing at your location requires the provision of a secure room accessible for long hours each day. You are responsible for the loss of any equipment on your premises or video location.

Please contact us for additional information -- and provide us with an overview of your proposed project.

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