Whales-n-Sails Adventures

56ft, Canadian Coast Guard Certified Sailing Yacht the "Elsie Menota"

Grand Manan Island, NB, Canada

Brent at the wheel, yikes! Scott and Barry with one piece of a whale's 68 part vertebra column.

Scott and Barry on board. If you think Barry's looking a little beefed-up, He had his life-jacket under his coat.

At the wheel is the big boss (owner), Alan McDonald, Brent's cousin. All the other people are some of the eager whale-watchers.

Notice the large pot in the galley, below deck. The fish chowder is delicious on the way back!

The real Captain at the wheel. Above and below, just a few of the dozens of right whales we saw, not to mention other sea creatures and birds (including puffins).

Look for the three pics of a whale we saw that was tangled in fishing gear.

These two mini-movies of whales diving take a few minutes (est. 4 minutes @ 28.8Kbps) to load, especially if your modem connection is slow!