Rappelling Trip
May 2005


Barry and Brandon Wiley at the edge

Brandon's first time down... obviously not Barry's

Going down...

Way down! (160 ft or so)

Angie and Scott. Awesome view at Stone Door Park

Barry's not the only one who hams it up.

Barry, Jen, Tony (her dad), Kelli, Jon, Brandon

Barry and Jen

Barry and Kelli

Did someone paint that smile on?

They're on their way.

Bethany getting comfortable with the equipment

Bethany and Barry. It's usually better to not look first!

Cindi Barnes (first time down) and Scott

Arrival at the bottom safe and sound.

Tony starting up.

Farther up

Way up, but not the top.

Brandon on his way up.

Nice lie-back

Scott going the same way.

Scott peering down before going father up.

Brent belaying while Barry climbs

Barry (who got the highest) on his way up.

The number one way to watch others climb

Scott figuring one too many photos have been taken.

Barry belaying, Angie watching.

Christian getting ready to climb

Christian's first climb!

Tony and Karen

Christian, Allen and Cindi