Rappelling Trip - Stone Door

September 2005


Angie, Logan Helstein, Scott, Brent

Logan's first time down

Scott & Bethany ready to go down

Scott and Bethany over the edge

Shawn (spelling?) with Barry

Perspective of cliff and valley. Shawn and Barry on ropes.

Holly Rudge ready for her first time down

 At the edge. FYI: The cloths act as rope protectors on the edges

Holly and Scott going down.

Stephen Rudge, Brent, Jessica Kennedy & Barry

The look that says, "I'm totally scared but I'm doing it!"

 Jessica's first time down. Note braids, one of which got shorter
before the bottom. Loose clothes or hair is bad in rappelling.

Tony Nations

 Tony and Barry starting down

Brent, Barry, Scott (hidden), and Stephen Rudge

Stephen and Scott coming down. All four ropes were our ways down.

Matthew Helstein's first time

Matthew and Barry over the edge.

Bethany on her way up. She holds the record (so far) for
female climbers on our trips to the Stone Door

Bethany about 2/3 way up.

Matthew climbing

Logan Climbing

Logan looking but NOT leaping


Stephen climbing the crack

The girls in red. Watching climbing: Jessica, Holly (rear), Bethany

Random photo of Scott taken in van on way back.