Barry's Graduation
May 2006


 Barry walking in
(Notice at far left Grandfather Reed)

Barry Speaking

Barry finishing point two (... there was no point three!)

Jennifer Nations speaking (still had her shoes on)

View of grads in front row (Mark Helstein, MC)

Closer view (during final hymn)

Graduating Class of Liberty Christian Academy

Ricky Fox, Jon Hoskins, Jen Nations, and Barry

Barry in front of his table at reception

Jon Hoskins and Barry

Barry and Jen Nations

Barry with a crowd around his table watching
the video, reading the letter (see below) and eating skittles

Barry and friends

Sean Lanham and Barry

Kelli Feener and Barry

Bethany Deihl and Barry

Barry with Grandparents Reed (Norma and Ed)

Ricky, Jon and Barry making Barry's third point

After party at IHOP.
25 people including teens and parents

Barry and Scott toasting graduation

Read the open letter to Barry, from his father,
as it appeared on his reception table.

Watch a short video of Barry's friends at the after party.
This video is 8 MB.

Watch the video that was on Barry's table. This 15 minute
video is large - 23 MB. It covers Barry's life
from 1988 until graduation.