Barry's US Army
Basic Training Graduation
November 2006


Fort Jackson, South Carolina

Army Photo - Barry in Bayonet Training
(Two types of fighters: "The Quick or the Dead")

Army Photo - Exiting the Gas Chamber
Barry in front, next guy was the only one who beat his PT score
(Barry's PT Score 325, other guy was 339)

Graduation Ceremony November 22, 2006
. Held inside because it was coming down in buckets outside
Huge crowd, literally standing room only

Barry's Platoon is on the very far side from us (Murphy's Law!)
First Platoon "Commandos", Company A, 1st Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment

Barry in his Class A's (Dress Uniform) at Chick-fil-A
Barry was glad to be eating off base

Barry and his Dad

Barry and his mom

Platoon "Bay" - Sleeping area.

MacDonald's (as they called him) bunk - top and to his right

MacDonald was P.G. (Platoon Guide), James was A.P.G. (Assistant P.G.)

P.G. PV2 MacDonald in official capacity with Platoon


Drill Sergeant takes over for a moment

Barry talking with Drill Sergeant

Barry and friend from his platoon

Barry with banners his platoon won (i.e. all of them!)
Barry was one of four who excelled at the Fit to Win Course

Barry in standard uniform

Building in background is 1-34th Barracks
Far left is Company "A" area

Barry's last night as P.G. (Family day meant some spectators)

The Drill Sergeants honored Barry by presenting him with a special coin.
Soldiers collect these special coins throughout their career.
It's very rare to be presented one during Basic Training

"Always Forward"