Family Visiting
Christmas 2006


Tire swing behind our house (neighbor's house in photo)

Isaac on tire swing (age 11), with Barry hanging on

Barry showing off (... really!)

Josh (age 12) on the tire swing

Isaac preparing for blast-off

Tammy getting in on the action

Brent & Angie

Landmark near Cottage Cove: The White Trash Cafe

Crab in fish tank at Cottage Cove

Brent taking on Josh and Isaac at Foose Ball

Don & Jeanne at Cottage Cove

Rear: Mark & Tammy, Barry, Scott, Brent & Angie
Front: Josh, Isaac, Don & Jeanne

Isaac checking out the climbing wall


Christmas Tree at Opryland Hotel

Just a few of the lit trees at Opryland Hotel

Inside the Opryland Hotel

Some of the inside lights at the Opryland Hotel

Josh & Isaac and the wildlife

Area below set up for a wedding

More lights

Josh (wiseguy) in trouble with one of the wisemen