Since 2002 Brent and Angie are additionally involved with
an inner city ministry in Nashville, Tennessee.


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Brent & Angie have been granted perminent immigration to the USA as of October 2004. They live in Nashville, Tennessee, where Brent is also the Executive Director of Cottage Cove. The Cove is a faith based ministry outreach to inner city children, working with approximately 75 at-risk children daily. Brent also oversees discipleship training, for teens and adults, through Cottage Cove's associated Discipleship Training Institute (DTI). Brent utilizes and develops Lion Tracks instructional materials for both Lion Tracks and DTI seminars.

Brent and Angie are still involved with overseeing Lion Tracks Ministries, developing seminar and web outreach materials, and providing on-site Lion Tracks seminars.

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