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The Survey

Once again, we have taken a general, anonymous survey of teen and adults during the last few months. While examining mostly things related to entertainment, our anonymous survey also asked the following important question: Name the "Top three things you would like to know what the Bible says about..."

The answers we received were very revealing, showing the diverse number of areas where people felt that they had not received any, or sufficient, instruction from the Bible.

While there was some variation from location to location, we found (and named) certain recurring categories or divisions. Within each of these categories we have listed a sampling of typical specific question topics. The order in which each of the sub topics appear provides an indication of the frequency of such requests, beginning with the greatest to the least -- but remember, even the least may represent numerous requests. (Some locations were not asked this question).

A. The Nature of God / Sin and Judgment.

(18% NB, 41% ON/MD/MA, 41% NS, 29% ME s , 50% ME n )

»End Times Events/ Anti-Christ / Judgment Day / World Ends / Heaven & Hell / New World

»Characteristics of God / Why does He love us? / Why is He so forgiving? / Why does God save some and not all? Why does God let people live? Trinity in the Old Testament / Does God want us to fear Him? / Why does God care about our actions? / Why did God create us (Why are we here?) / Why hasn't everyone accepted Christ / Are there consequences if God has forgiven you? / God's holiness

»Hearing God's voice / Listening to Him / Knowing His will / How to be more like Him

»Why did Jesus have to die? The Crucifixion / Did Jesus rise again?

»Satanism / Magic Witchcraft / Psychics / Paranormal Activity / The Devil

» What is Sin? / The Ten Commandments

»Predestination / Election / Free will of man / Law versus Grace

»Atheism / How do you know God is real?

»What if you do the same sin over and over?

»Is the an "Age of Accountability" in the Bible? / Do infants, mentally impaired, and those who never hear the gospel, go to heaven? Is there only one way to be saved? What about other religions?

»Why is their sickness?


B. Relationships

(47% NB, 25% ON/MD/MA, 23% NS, 24% ME s , 15% Me n )

1. Sexual and Consequences

»Dating Non-Christians and in general

»Physical relationships (short of sex) / Kissing / "Heavy Petting" etc.

»Sexual acts / Sex before marriage / Desires / "Protection" / Living Together



»Abortion (in general, in cases of rape, etc.) / Teen Pregnancy

2. Authority & Responsibility

»Friends? Christian or non-Christian / Roles as Christian / Witnessing to

»Parents? Responsibility / Witnessing to / Authority (How long, etc.)

»Marriage (proper roles & relationships) / Divorce "even among Christians"

»Love and Hate / Fights / Revenge / Bearing Grudges

»Family Violence and Abuse / Incest

C. Personal / Physical

(12% NB, 13% ON/MD/MA, 8% NS, 25% ME s , 14% ME n )

»Drinking / Alcohol ("okay if you don't get drunk?") / Drugs / Smoking

»Proper dress / Nudity / How to be in fashion and obey God's Word.

»Embarrassment / Self Esteem / Anorexia ("are eating disorders sin?") / Over-weight / Loneliness / Thoughts of suicide / Depression

»Body piercing / Tattoos

»Happiness / Life in general / Worrying / Dealing with thoughts

»Racism / Skin Color

D. Entertainment

(10% NB, 8% ON/MD/MA, 6% NS, 0% ME s , 14% ME n )

»Movies / TV/ Music / Video Games, etc. ("Does it influence you?")

»Violence / Nudity / Vulgarity / Language

E. Creation / Dinosaurs, etc. / Bible Accuracy

(9% NB, 6% ON/MD/MA, 7% NS, 4% ME s , 4% ME n )

»Adam & Eve / Creation / Age of earth / Timeline

»Noah's ark / Flood

»Jonah & the "Whale"

»How do you explain Bible contradictions?

»How do you know it's true? / How created? / How "corrected?" / Translations

F. Misc. Stuff

(4% NB, 7% ON/MD/MA, 6% NS, 14% ME s , 0% ME n )

»Aliens / People on other planets / UFO's / Vampires

»Purpose of Baptism

»Speaking in tongues / Baptism in the Spirit / Signs & Wonders / Miracles

»True role, purpose, structure of the local church / Qualifications for leadership

»Is Cremation okay?

»Are there guardian angels? / Role of Angels

»Gender roles in general. / Women in Ministry?


Written by Brent MacDonald of Lion Tracks Ministries. (c) 1997.
Feel free to duplicate as long as the source is cited.