Printed Materials

Lion Tracks' booklets and printed resources.

Set Free to Give When asked to prove how Christians should be giving, author Brent MacDonald started an examination of the contradictory views being taught on this subject in the church. The result was this book. Not only does this complete on-line ebook consider such controversial topics as "Are Christians supposed to tithe?", most of all it answers the question "How are believers supposed to be giving?"

Mary's Story no doubt Online preview of an historical fiction book considering the life of Jesus from the perspective of his mother Mary. Intertwines biblical passages with historical records and a passionate view of how a mother might view these events. Part I only: From the angel telling Mary that she would have a son until the return of Mary, Joseph and Jesus to Nazareth in Galilee. (Please let us know what you think about this preview, including any spelling, grammatical, or historical errors you might find.)

Hell-o-ween A Christian perspective on Halloween and related themes past to present. Should Christians celebrate Halloween? You be the judge. (Also see the related book listed below.)

Fantasy & Role Playing A Christian response to Dungeons & Dragons and related role playing games. Includes sections on goth clubs, Camarilla, mystical comic books and Magic (the card game).

Higher Law What do you do when man's laws contradict God's commands?

Gospel Tract Using the God's Law to show the need of Grace.

What Reason to Live??? Suicide.

The Crucifixion — DEVOTION SERIES — An eight part devotion series focused on the events surrounding Jesus' death. Designed with evangelism in mind.

Hell-o-ween All Year Round — BOOK: PAPERBACK and ONLINE — Examining how themes and occultic topics that are so popular at Halloween are influencing society all year round. Witchcraft, Satanism, Fantasy Role Playing, and much more.

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